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Process Serving

Serving Others provides a convenient and reliable way to arrange the service of documents

A process server is an important legal professional who serves documents and notices to the parties involved in a case. They are responsible for serving summons, subpoenas, complaints and other court-related documents to clients or defendants. It is their job to find the person being served and deliver it personally rather than through mail or email. This ensures that all parties have been properly notified of any upcoming hearings or trials related to their case. Process servers must adhere strictly to local laws when delivering these types of documents as failure can result in serious consequences such as fines or even jail time depending on the jurisdiction they serve in.

The service affidavit is an important document that serves as proof of the individual being notified about their impending court date. This legal document, which must be notarized, can then be used in court to prove that proper notice was given. Process servers are responsible for providing this notification and recording when and where it occurred on a separate document known as a service affidavit or proof of service/return of service. Without this evidence, courts may not accept the validity of any proceedings taken against the individual in question. It is therefore essential for process servers to provide clear documentation regarding who has been served with legal papers so there can be no doubt over whether they were properly notified according to state laws governing such cases.

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