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Electronic Court Filings

Don't waste precious time and resource on manual court document filing. File your documents with Serving Others and we will handle the logistics of getting your documents filed.

E-filing is the procedure of sending your briefs, motions, pleadings and procedural statements to courts in a digital PDF format, and is rapidly being adopted in courts throughout California and across the country. With its improved speed, efficiency, convenience, and security, it's no wonder that so many are choosing to e-file their court paperwork.

But keeping up with the regulations for every court can be a daunting task— and any mistake can lead to missed deadlines and worse. That's why we provide an easy-to-navigate client portal that lets you access and organize all of your court documents.

E-Filing Fees $11.95* (Client Submits)

E-Filing Fees $39.95* (Concierge e-Filing Services)

E-Filing Fees $2.00 (E-Service per party/person noticed)

E-Filing Fees $65.00 (starting rate for Courtsey copy delivery of a printed copy of


E-Filing Fees $1.75 - $6.75* (*plus, court "EFM" Fees)

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